How to ask a customer for a testimonial

In my experience, a customer is only too willing to help a business they enjoy working with, to be successful.

That’s a really good starting point to remember as you think of the right way to approach a customer, with what might feel like an onerous task.

Providing a testimonial for you as an MSP, can be viewed as an anoying, onerous task by a customer if you don’t frame it correctly and take all the pain away. So often people dislike working with ‘clean sheets of paper’ – they struggle to know what to say or write when put on the spot to come up with something creative.

Go out of your way to make it easy for them.

Use your helpdesk team

Your MSP’s helpdesk is one of your best sources for testimonials. 99% of the time, to an untrained eye, ad hoc compliments (marketing gold) get buried 1000ft down inside ticketing systems and are lost forever. It’s time to make your team aware of the importance of those ‘throw away’ customer comments, when a technician has really helped someone out or gone out of their way to solve an issue.

Have a process in place to recognise a compliment. Snip the text out. Send the words back to a customer and ask them whether you can use that comment on your website and attribute it to them.

If the comment isn’t quite fit for purpose – perhaps ask them to expand on it or expand on it for them (yes really) and ask them to sign it off.

Let them know you’ve added to it or edited it a little (keep the meaning and sentiment of course) and ask them whether they’d put their name to it. Providing it’s truthful and doesn’t change their original meaning – it’s unlikely they will say no.

Be consistent with your process

All too often, I see MSPs have gone on a review campaign. They’ve grabbed a few reviews and then they’ve languished for a couple of years.

Have a process in place to publish a testimonial on a monthly basis. It does two things – it keeps eyes trained for ad hoc comments. It also ensures your team are going out of their way to serve customers brilliantly on an ongoing basis.