How to use CTRL-S to save a post or page – a WordPress timesaver

So here’s a real timesaver.

If you are a power WordPress user – particularly when you’re building / doing a major revision for your site, there’s a lot of page updating.

Quite often you’ve scrolled down to the bottom of a long page and your scroll finger gets a real workout as you head all the way back to the top to click the update button, which by default appears at the top of the post or page.

We’ve all become so used to using CTRL-S to save documents over the years (although auto-save is now of course, a tremendous innovation). That function doesn’t work out of the box when you’re working with WordPress. If you use CTRL-S, you’ll find Chrome prompting you to save the HTML page you’re working on – which is clearly not useful.

My recommendation is to install the “Save with Keyboard” plugin.

You can do this from within your Plugin admin screen. Click “Add new plugin” and then search for “Save with keyboard”.

There’s nothing to configure.

When you’re next working on a post or page – it’s quite magical to use CTRL-S and watch the page refresh. If the page is long – using CTRL-S really is a great habit to get into. This will stop you losing any unsaved edits.

Give your scrolling finger a break and install it today!