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47 motivational quotes for 18 – 105 year olds

Proud dad this week. My son heads off to Cambridge University on Friday. He’s 18 and so has always absolutely hated the motivational quotes I love and have tried to push on him over the years. So, what have I done? Made him his very own book, with 50 of them in there. He will […]

Customer experience secrets – from an award winning MSP

I’m really enjoying curating my next book, MSP Secrets Revealed episode #2. It’s inspired me to do more interviewing – another love of mine. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the brilliant Craig Pearson over the last couple of years. He’s the sales and marketing director at Your IT Department, here in the UK. […]

Don’t sell commodity

This is the next article in a series of adapted excerpts from my book, MSP Secrets Revealed (episode #2 is coming soon, with your help). I wanted to share some of the interviews I did for that book with the world at large and so each month during 2022,  I’m sharing one secret from the […]

Lessons from a client project in Dubai

Some thoughts, as I fly home from the amazing Emirate of Dubai this morning (I urge you to sample it one day). I’ve spent the last day with a growing IT business here, filming client testimonials, an about us video and planning out their shiny new website. 1) When you film testimonials with your clients, not […]

10 ways to inject personality into your MSP’s website

People buy from people Prospects don’t buy from ‘companies’, they buy from people and as a rule, people don’t buy dull, boring people. In our online world, it’s not possible to buy from a person as such, however we all buy with emotion and the way you make people feel through your online presence will […]

MSP owners and their mental health – a very personal story

Every month, I’m publishing one secret from my almost best-seller, MSP Secrets Revealed. Reflecting on it recently, whilst I had a brilliant time researching and interviewing and I learnt a lot (more) about business, it’s only when I started to talk to people about their ‘stories,’ the interviews became even more revealing. Some IT professionals […]

A five step SOP for collecting customer testimonials for your MSP business

In my experience, a customer is only too willing to help a business they enjoy working with, to be successful. Remember this statement, as you think of the right way to approach a customer. Done in the wrong way, being asked for a testimonial for your MSP business can be seen as an onerous task […]

Recommended books for IT managers & MSP owners

On 17th April 2020, I published my second book, MSP Secrets Revealed. In September 2019, my original plan was to put the call out for contributions and have a great resource of secrets and tactics for 100 people by the end of that year. It turns out that life doesn’t work like that 😮. It’s […]

Treat customers like you’re dating

This is the first article in a series of adapted excerpts from my book, MSP Secrets Revealed. I wanted to share some of the interviews I did for that book with the world at large. The first one is the highlights of an interview with the very awesome Juan Fernandez, previously of Imagenet Consulting. He […]

The best question to ask a brand new managed services client

I love working with smart people. It’s inspiring. I worked with someone a while ago who really gets selling. He understands how to get inside buyers’ heads and the concept of talking a buyer’s language and really – I mean – really – figuring out what they are looking for in a service. Adrian Evans […]