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Don’t sell commodity

This is the next article in a series of adapted excerpts from my book, MSP Secrets Revealed (episode #2 is coming soon, with your help). I wanted to share some of the interviews I did for that book with the world at large and so each month during 2022,  I’m sharing one secret from the […]

Lessons from a client project in Dubai

Some thoughts, as I fly home from the amazing Emirate of Dubai this morning (I urge you to sample it one day). I’ve spent the last day with a growing IT business here, filming client testimonials, an about us video and planning out their shiny new website. 1) When you film testimonials with your clients, not […]

10 ways to inject personality into your MSP’s website

People buy from people Prospects don’t buy from ‘companies’, they buy from people and as a rule, people don’t buy dull, boring people. In our online world, it’s not possible to buy from a person as such, however we all buy with emotion and the way you make people feel through your online presence will […]

MSP owners and their mental health – a very personal story

Every month, I’m publishing one secret from my almost best-seller, MSP Secrets Revealed. Reflecting on it recently, whilst I had a brilliant time researching and interviewing and I learnt a lot (more) about business, it’s only when I started to talk to people about their ‘stories,’ the interviews became even more revealing. Some IT professionals […]

A five step SOP for collecting customer testimonials for your MSP business

In my experience, a customer is only too willing to help a business they enjoy working with, to be successful. Remember this statement, as you think of the right way to approach a customer. Done in the wrong way, being asked for a testimonial for your MSP business can be seen as an onerous task […]

Recommended books for IT managers & MSP owners

On 17th April 2020, I published my second book, MSP Secrets Revealed. In September 2019, my original plan was to put the call out for contributions and have a great resource of secrets and tactics for 100 people by the end of that year. It turns out that life doesn’t work like that 😮. It’s […]

Treat customers like you’re dating

This is the first article in a series of adapted excerpts from my book, MSP Secrets Revealed. I wanted to share some of the interviews I did for that book with the world at large. The first one is the highlights of an interview with the very awesome Juan Fernandez, previously of Imagenet Consulting. He […]

The best question to ask a brand new managed services client

I love working with smart people. It’s inspiring. I worked with someone a while ago who really gets selling. He understands how to get inside buyers’ heads and the concept of talking a buyer’s language and really – I mean – really – figuring out what they are looking for in a service. Adrian Evans […]

A three step plan for choosing keyphrases for your MSP’s website

I have reviewed a lot of MSP websites over the last few months. A lot! Every time an MSP books a review with me – I send them a few simple questions. One of those questions is for them to list the keyphrases or key words that they would like to be found for in […]

How to use CTRL-S to save a post or page – a WordPress timesaver

So here’s a real timesaver. If you are a power WordPress user – particularly when you’re building / doing a major revision for your site, there’s a lot of page updating. Quite often you’ve scrolled down to the bottom of a long page and your scroll finger gets a real workout as you head all […]