Lessons from a client project in Dubai

Some thoughts, as I fly home from the amazing Emirate of Dubai this morning (I urge you to sample it one day). I’ve spent the last day with a growing IT business here, filming client testimonials, an about us video and planning out their shiny new website.

1) When you film testimonials with your clients, not only are you getting a brilliant and long lasting marketing asset, you as their partner, learn a LOT.

I’ll be providing uncut versions of the 10/15 minute independent interviews I conducted on their behalf (my client wasn’t in the room) so that they can learn from the feedback.

2) I’ve suggested that they also play the uncut versions to their team, so that they can see just how valued they are. They loved that idea and will absolutely be doing it.

Their team will be blown away by the feedback. Something they rarely get directly.

3) When you plan a testimonial with a client – it gives you an opportunity to catch up with them too – no agenda – no sales push – just a chat. I watched this IT business engage with everyone for up to an hour after filming.

4) Rebuilding a website is SO much more than rebuilding a website. It focuses the mind on what the message needs to be to the outside world. It’s likely that the message has changed since the last version.

I facilitated and watched a fascinating discussion unfold between three directors. It was a healthy debate and they reached a consensus.

We now have a plan for how we’re going to create this new online presence and they are in agreement about their new vision and message to the world.

5) A final point. There is nothing – NOTHING finer than creating true partnerships and relationships in business.

Sometimes you just need to get on a plane / train / in a car and meet face to face. We’ve all become very used to being on camera over the last couple of years and getting more done. Travel can be a real time waster and I’m the first to promote remote work – I’ve been doing it for years.

HOWEVER, stop for a moment and make sure you’re not hiding.
When was the last time you bought a customer lunch or dinner and found out about their family or their values?

That’s when the real magic happens.

These last 3 days have been an absolute privilege and I’ve loved every second.

Doors closing … ✈️